Cry, the Beloved Country Response – Stephen Kumalo

Cry, the Beloved Nation Response– Stephen Kumalo

Kumalo is a guy who has actually lost whatever to Johannesburg. His sis, his sibling, and his kid have all left and he has no contact with them. When he is called there since of his sisters mental state and well being he is thrown into a totally different world.

When the letter was delivered to him he was shocked. Worry overcame him at the idea of losing his sibling. Although Kumalo and his wife are middle class citizens they understood that their life savings would be reduced significantly if he went on the trip. The pair chose that family was more vital that new clothing and appliances, and off he went.

On the journey to Johannesburg, Kumalo satisfied many individuals. The further he got, and the more industrialized the cities became, the more scared he became. Upon first going into the city he was lied to and taken from. After that he was presented to Msimangu and things started looking up. He had a place to stay, a place to consume, and a buddy for the journey.

Stephen Kumalo and Msimangu began to discover Kumalos household. In the beginning they ventured into the town where Gertrude was. It was very dirty and dangerous. There were woman of the streets and random kids in the streets. Gertrude accepted their aid and consented to go back with Kumalo when he was made with his objective. Discovering his boy was much harder. He went from place to place, strolling great lengths and costs terrific sums of money. His cost savings are depleting and he worries that he will go home with nothing.

Kumalo and Msimangu lastly discover another lead. They concern a girl who is pregnant with his kid’s kid. Kumalo wants to stay and assist, however Msimangu chews out him for attempting to assist everybody.

After seeing everybody’s fear at the mention of his child, Kumalo is stressed over his safety and wellbeing. When they backtrack their actions they discover that the authorities have been all over trying to find Absalom. He learns his boy is a burglar and possibly a killer yet he still continues the search since of his love for his kid.

Stephen Kumalo matured in a world where to be black it resembled having a disease. Black individuals were forced to work for no money, they did not have homes or shelter, and they were treated with definitely no respect. He had lots of bros and siblings and 2 fantastic moms and dads. His father was secretly a guy of god and led all the other black slaves in prayer every day. One night while Kumalo was seeing his father preach, and he was browsing at all the people who trusted him he knew that he wished to be just like him when he matured.

Kumalo grew up to become an Anglican priest. He is entirely devoted to his other half, household, and his individuals. Although he is continuously on the relocation, his sense of self as well as his local color stays in tact. He is the ethical compass of the unique and he guides individuals around him.

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