Comparison Of Characters In The Crucible

Comparison Of Characters In The Crucible

John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse are very important characters in the play of the crucible by Arthur Miller. There are very important resemblances in their characters which will be compared and contrasted in the following paragraphs. John Proctor is a well respected farmer who works hard for the living of his household. He offers a home and food for his wife Elizabeth and his 3 children. He is well appreciated for being truthful, a genuine Christian and of great morals. Rebecca Nurse is the other half of Francis Nurse and mom of 11 kids. Her hubby Francis Nurse, is an informal judge.

She is respected throughout in the neighborhood for her moral, genuine and honest character. In comparison, both Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor are very highly regarded people in their society (as can be seen from the above 2 paragraphs), who found themselves as victims of the witch-craft accusations. This evaluated their sincerity and their response to the accusations was what showed their differences (more discussed in the 7th paragraph). The town’s people’s perception of John Proctor’s and Rebecca Nurse’s characters is of a comparable standing.

Characters In The Crucible Comparison

Both depict themselves as excellent, truthful, and God-fearing people. Although John Proctor does not go to church and Rebecca Nurse does, John Proctor is still thought about to be a God-fearing male in accordance to the concept of the Ten Rules. One of John Proctor’s strength is in his manliness which contributes to the understanding of a strong and sincere character. This manliness (strength), can be contrasted to the strength of Rebecca Nurse not physically, however strength in Character as of goodness, caring and reality.

This aspect of Rebecca Nurse could be seen especially towards the end of the play where she was not even moved by pressures in telling the fact at the cost of her life rather, she tried to persuade John proctor to tell the fact:

“REBECCA: Why, it is a lie, it is a lie; how may I damn myself? I can not, I can not …(to Proctor) Oh John God send his grace on you”

Arthur Miller, Characters In The Crucible

Regardless of John Proctor’s and Rebecca Nurse’s similarity in honesty, I believe there was a huge difference in the levels at which they displayed this quality.

While Rebecca Nurse did not seem to be moved by the pressures of diverting from the truth, John Proctor faced a big obstacle in informing the truth about his standing with witch-craft. This might be seen towards completion of the play and I quote:

“PROCTOR: Due to the fact that I can not have another in my life! Because I lie and sign myself to lies! Due to the fact that I am unworthy the dust on the feet of them that hang! How may I Live without my name? I have actually provided you my soul; leave my name! “

Arthur Miller, Characters In The Crucible

Whereas Rebecca Nurse was above reproach in her daily life, John Proctor wasn’t.

He had an affair with 17 year-old Abigail Williams. This also shows the differences in the strength of goodness revealed by both characters. At the end of the play, both Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor passed away. This is since they refused to accept the witch-craft accusations made against them although John Proctor took some time before he actually went for the truth. In conclusion, It appears that the contrasting and comparing of Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor centre around their character strength. This I hope has been carried out in the above paragraphs

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