Comparison Essay – Of Mice and Men

Comparison Essay– Of Mice and Guy

In the novel “Of Mice and Men,” John Steinbeck utilizes comprehensive language to describe the solitude each character feels in a way that the movie might not. Utilizing descriptions of each of the characters’ moves assists the reader to really comprehend the singular life that the males on the farm live, making it clearer to the reader that when George eliminates Lennie, he is alone like the rest of them. The unique represented the style of friendship versus isolation far better than the movie. When the only buddy left in Sweet’s life was taken away from him, he was left absolutely alone.

The way Steinbeck describes the awkwardness and sadness of the situation is in a manner in which a movie could not show– for instance, he says, “Sweet lay still, looking at the ceiling. There came a little gnawing sound from under the floor and all the guys looked down towards it gratefully. Just Sweet continued to stare at the ceiling.” (56) When Steinbeck duplicates the reality that Sweet looks at the ceiling, the reader can see how Steinbeck is attempting to stress the abrupt isolation Sweet feels. Furthermore, the film does a bad task of showing Lennie and George’s friendship compared to the novel. ‘Go on,’ stated Lennie.

George raised the weapon and his hand shook, and he dropped his hand to the ground again. ‘Go on,’ said Lennie. ‘How’s it gon na be. We gon na get a little location. ‘” (99) Their friendship is not genuinely shown in the ending of the film like it is in the novel, due to the fact that the unique demonstrate how much more hard it is for George to shoot Lennie. In the book, it takes George a number of attempts to kill Lennie whereas in the film he just puts the gun approximately the back of Lennie’s head and pulls the trigger.

The movie stops working to capture the personification of silence like the book is able to do, let alone express Sweet’s sadness. Candy is identified by his friendly personality and his requirement to leave the ranch with George and Lennie, as well as his missing out on hand from an accident near the end of his useful life on the ranch. He continues to work as a sweep as his missing hand does not allow him to work on other tasks. The film modifications Sweet’s character as an entire because in the unique he is much less considerable of a character and he trusts Lennie and George less.

This is the case since in the motion picture, he never ever strolled in on Crooks and Lennie talking about the plan to purchase the cattle ranch and have a rabbit farm, making him unaware of the fact that Lennie has a larger mouth than he anticipated. Another way the motion picture does not represent grief in addition to the book is in Crooks. “S’pose you didn’t have nobody. S’pose you couldn’t go into the bunk house and play rummy ’cause you was black. How ‘d you like that? S’pose you needed to sit out here an’ check out books.

Sure you could play horseshoes till it got dark, however then you got to check out books. Books ain’t no good. A person needs somebody to be near him. A person goes nuts if he ain’t got no one. Do not make no difference who the guy is, long’s he’s with you. I tell ya, I inform ya a guy gets too lonely an’ he gets ill.” (80 ). Crooks is constructed to be almost insane in the film whereas in the book he has a lot more characterization and character. He also plays a much smaller role in the film compared to the book.

A number of his crucial scenes are interrupted or taken away in the movie; an example of this is the scene where we is having a discussion with Lennie in his bunkhouse. The novel expresses how close the two companions were compared to the motion picture in addition to the regret George feels after the climax of the story. To conclude, the novel much better represents the theme of friendship versus loneliness in Of Mice and Guy than the motion picture does. While the motion picture does not point out the every relocation of the characters, Steinbeck uses thorough details to describe how each character feels and greatly succeeds in showing desolation.

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