Comparing Othello and Iago

Comparing Othello and Iago

Both Othello and Iago are brave and poetic males who are overcome by the desire for vengeance, however, Othello does not have the eager insight Iago has, and as a result, is messed up by Iago. Othello and Iago are both courageous and assertive males. Brabantio might attempt to end Othello’s marital relationship; nevertheless he will “Let [Brabantio] do his spite./ [His] services which [he] have actually done the signiory/Shall out-tongue [Brabantio’s] problems” (I. ii. 17-19). Even though Brabantio might have the power to mess up Othello’s marital relationship with Desdemona, he is unafraid to what he may do and is undeterred by Brabantio’s malevolence.

Much like Othello, Iago is likewise fearless and adventurous when he advises Othello to “Demand [him] absolutely nothing. What [he] know [s], [he] know [s]/ From this time forth [he] never ever will speak word” (V. ii. 303-304). Seeing as Othello and Iago are similar in being fearless, they’re poetic language is rather different. Othello is passionate, sensuous, and honest, while Iago is cynical, sneaky, and evil. Iago’s twisted self ironically warns Othello about jealousy: “O, beware, my lord, of jealousy;/ It is the green-eyed monster, which doth mock/The meat it eats. That cuckold lives in happiness” (III. iii. 165-167). It is paradoxical because the green-eyed beast is exactly what Iago is attempting to promote in Othello’s heart and mind. Othello on the other hand is a positive and honest guy. Othello thinks that” [He] should be discovered./ [His] parts, [his] title, and [his] ideal soul/Shall manifest [him] rightly” (I. ii. 30-32). Othello is really positive in his worth and the righteousness of his actions. Although he is very much an outsider in Venice, he expresses his self-confidence in his ability and in his self-regard with his poetic language.

Although Othello is positive he lacks insight and his words are inarticulate. Othello thinks he “liked not wisely, however too well” (V. ii. 344). It holds true that he did not like carefully, however neither did he enjoy too well. His marital relationship is based upon admiration and pity instead of love since he does not trust his better half in the least. Othello is easily envious and gullible as he believes everything Iago tells him about Desdemona. Unlike Othello, Iago has keen insight.

Iago is happy due to the fact that “Now whether he eliminate Cassio,/ Or Cassio eliminate him, or each do kill the other,/ Every method makes his gain” (V. i. 12-14). Iago’s insight enables him to manipulate numerous characters in the play. His computing is directly responsible for the death of Roderigo, Othello, Desdemona, and his own wife Emilia. Therefore, though Othello and Iago are overcome by the desire for revenge it is Othello’s absence of insight that damages him and it is Iago’s astute instinct that makes him effective until completion.

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