Catcher in the Rye Immaturity of Holden Caufield Essay

In J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher is the Rye, the lead character Holden Caufield emerges from a trying and psychological series of events and does not grow mentally however stays as immature as he was at the start of the novel. The story has to do with the difficulties of maturing. Many people come out of their teenager years as more responsible and fully grown individuals. Holden goes through many stressful events during the weekend, however rather of coming out more fully grown and grown up, he still has the same childish views on life; he is violent minded, depressed, puzzled, and reckless.

Throughout the whole book, Holden daydreams about eliminating individuals, he is baffled by sex, and he does not think out his actions.

Throughout the beginning of the story, Holden thinks about eliminating individuals lot of times. He wished to kill Stradlater, his roomie, for dating Jane Gallagher, his old buddy. Holden knew what sort of man Stradlater was and he was afraid he made the most of Jane.

Holden actually does battle Stradlater but gets hurt pretty terribly. He then puts his searching hat on and says it is a “individuals shooting” hat. Later on in the story, Holden again considers eliminating individuals.

When Maurice, the pimp, harms Holden and steals his cash, Holden pretends that he had been shot in the stomach and his guts were falling out. He then pretends that he is staggering down the stairs with a weapon to shoot Maurice and get revenge. Holden does not really do this, however it shows how he is immature and violent. Likewise, while Holden is checking out Phoebe’s school, he sees that somebody has composed “fuck” on the wall. He ends up being really angry and desires the celebration the skull of whoever did that on the marble floor so they are all bloody. Again we see that Holden has much anger in him. He does not understand how to handle it and that reveals he has not grown up.

Holden likewise does not ever find out his views on sex. At the beginning he hates Stradlater since he takes advantage of girls. He states has never done anything to a girl since he always stops when they state “stop”. Holden says that he would need to actually like the lady’s face and actually get to know the individual before he could make love with them. When Holden gets to New york city he calls Faith Cavendish, who he believes is a stripper. He does not even understand her but he wants to make love with her.

This breaks whatever he stated in the past. Then when Holden gets to the hotel Maurice uses Holden a hooker and he accepts. Holden then does not do anything with her because he is nervous and it does not appear right to him. When again Holden is puzzled about sex. It is a foreign thing to him and he never ever figures it out. He has ideals that he sets for himself however he never ever follows through. He even tries to ask Carl Luce, an old pal, about sex but Carl is uneasy discussing it and Holden finds out absolutely nothing new. Holden never ever learns how to control his emotions and actions about love and sex.

Last but not least, Holden does not learn how to think out his actions. In the beginning, Holden makes numerous incorrect decisions. He escapes from Pencey without even informing his moms and dads he was tossed out. That was a bad choice since when his moms and dads will have discovered he would have remained in much more problem for not informing them. Holden likewise constantly lies to people throughout the book, which reveals his immaturity. Later on in the book Holden makes some actually bad spur of the minute choices too. He terrifies Sally Hayes, a girl he goes on a date with, by informing her that they need to get wed and move up north and live in a cabin. He advises her to do it and even raises his voice. Sally sobs and says he is crazy. This demonstrates how Holden does not consider his actions, which in turn harms himself and others.

He likewise invests money without believing. Holden spends money on taxis, hotel spaces, food, dates, and the nuns. He does not think of handling his cash and then he is required to take his sister Phoebe’s Christmas cash. This harms himself because he does not wish to take Phoebe’s money and it also hurts her since she does not have cash to buy people presents. Holden’s lack of thinking injures himself and others. Lastly, Holden plans to run away to the west and simply escape everybody. He would have done it but Phoebe stops him. Running away would have been really dumb due to the fact that he didn’t have much money or anywhere to go. Holden never discovers to consider his actions and this shows that he does not grow up.

In J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher is the Rye, the lead character Holden Caufield emerges from an attempting and emotional series of occasions and does not grow mentally however stays as immature as he was at the beginning of the book. Holden has a violent mind and he considers killing people throughout the novel. He likewise never ever determines his views on sex. He thinks he knows his views on sex and what he would do put in particular scenarios, however he does not follow through with his perfects. Holden likewise never ever learns how to think out his decisions. He makes numerous choices without putting much idea into them and this injures himself as well as others. Holden Caufield did not emerge from that weekend as a more mature person.

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