Catcher in the Rye Excerpt Essay

I said I’m not going back to school. You can do what you want to do, but I’m not returning to chool,” she stated. “So shut up.” It was the very first time she ever told me to stop talking. It sounded horrible. God, it sounded dreadful. It sounded even worse than swearing. She still wouldn’t take a look at me either, and whenever I arrange of put my hand on her shoulder or something, she wouldn’t let me.

“Listen, do you wish to choose a walk?” I asked her. “Do you wish to take a walk down to the zoo? If I let you not return to school this afternoon and choose walk, will you eliminate this crazy things?” She would not answer me, so I said it over once again. “If I let you skip school this afternoon and choose a little walk, will you cut out the crazy stuff? Will you go back to school tomorrow like a great girl?” “I might and I may not,” she said.

Then she ran right the hell across the street, without even aiming to see if any vehicles were coming. She’s a madman in some cases.

I didn’t follow her, however. I understood she ‘d follow me, so I began walking downtown toward the zoo, on the park side of the street, and she started strolling downtown on the other goddam side of the street, She wouldn’t examine at me at all, however I could inform she was probably watching me out of the corner of her crazy eye to see where I was going and all. Anyway, we kept walking that way all the method to the zoo. The only thing that bothered me was when a double-decker bus occurred due to the fact that then I couldn’t see across the street and I could not see where the hell she was. However when we got to the zoo, I yelled over to her, “Phoebe! I’m going in the zoo! C’mon, now!”

She would not take a look at me, but I might inform she heard me, and when I started down the actions to the zoo I turned around and saw she was crossing the street and following me and all. There weren’t a lot of people in the zoo due to the fact that it was sort of a poor day, however there were a couple of around the sea lions’ swimming pool and all. I started to pass however old Phoebe stopped and made out she was enjoying the sea lions getting fed– a person was tossing fish at them– so I returned. I figured it was a great chance to overtake her and all. I went up and sort of stood behind her and sort of put my hands on her shoulders, but she bent her knees and slid out from me– she can certainly be really snotty when she wants to.

She kept standing there while the sea lions were getting fed and I stood right behind her. I didn’t put my hands on her shoulders again or anything since if I had she truly would’ve beat it on me. Kids are funny. You need to watch what you’re doing. She would not walk ideal beside me when we left the sea lions, however she didn’t stroll too far away. She sort of strolled on one side of the walkway and I strolled on the other side. It wasn’t too beautiful, however it was much better than having her perambulate a mile away from me, like in the past.

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