“Catcher In the Rye” by J.D. Salinger Essay

In the novel The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, Holden Caulfield is bothered and needs the help of somebody near him to stop his downward spiral. His troubles cloud his mind and make it challenging for him to be successful in school, and to run in the real life. Numerous attempt to offer him advice to make him recognize the mistakes he is making so he can correct them prior to there are major impacts. His sibling, Phoebe, really provides the contrast to Holden and his immaturity and unrealistic beliefs.

She tries providing him the recommendations that would end the freefall he is in. Phoebes advice is the only possible solution to assist Holden, and his acceptance or rejection will ultimately decide his future, whether he knows it or not.

Phoebe is more fully grown than Holden, and she is six years younger than him. She comprehends that, in spite of what Holden believes, maturing is essential and inescapable. Holden has Peter Pan mindset, in that he does not want to grow up due to the fact that he feels that adulthood corrupts the innocent minds of children.

Phoebe tells Holden that he is just being ignorant and impractical, which he has to mature. She gets angry with him and informs him that he is too unfavorable and that he doesn’t like anything. She tells him to say something he liked, and the only thing he can think of is Allie, and Phoebe reminds him that he is dead. Phoebe makes Holden understand that his unfavorable, immature, and pessimistic views have actually caused him to hold on to only the memory of his bro and triggered him to lock out everything else. Holden wishes to stay young so that he can feel closer to his sibling.

Holden has recognized how he has been secluding himself, instead of accepting others due to the fact that of Phoebes advice to mature, but he does not accept the recommendations. Phoebe continues to pepper him with concerns to help pull him out of his state of consistent negativeness, however he continuously answers her by eluding so he can prevent dealing with his issues. He understands deep down Phoebe is right due to the fact that he is seriously attempting to think of something he likes, but he cant. He understands that his sibling is trying to help, but he does not desire it because he is still clinging to the hope that he can remain young and help others remain children permanently.

His insecurities, exposed by Phoebe, lead him to shut himself out from Phoebe too and now he is practically unapproachable by any that want to assist himPhoebe tries to help Holden by informing him what he has done, and he denies the guidance and assistance since he knows she is right. Holden wants her to be incorrect, however he understands she is right. If Holden had simply accepts the help, he would prevent the ultimate depression he falls into. Phoebes evaluation of Holden was right on, but it doesn’t make a distinction, in spite of the fact in it. Holden had created such a negative viewpoint of their adult years and such a grand point of view of youth, which he doesn’t wish to release. Phoebe understood what required to be stated, and she stated it, however Holden wouldnt listen, and his ignorance led to his failure at the end of the story.

Holden had the chance to be stopped from plummeting to an unpleasant place, but he ignores the opportunities. Lots of people provide him excellent recommendations, especially his sis, and he declines it. His rejection to be conserved from himself and his views causes him to end up in a mental institute. In the end, it was Holdens childish mentality, which he clings to so very much, that causes him to miss a number of opportunities to be rescued.

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