Boxer (Animal Farm) — Character Analysis

Boxer (Animal Farm)– Character Analysis

Attributes of Boxer in Animal Farm

BOXER CHARACTER ANALYSIS Horses are well known for their strength and Boxer is no various and he measures up to the expectation of being a strong male horse. Fighter is a practically blind follower to the farm and whoever supervises of it. His almost unbelievable strength is a great property to the rebellion and to the farm as he can working more difficult than any animal. As soon as he learns about Animalism, Fighter makes himself offered to do anything for the rebellion.

After the rebellion at the Battle of the Cowshed he shows as soon as again how irreplaceable he is to the farm, as he shows he is an important soldier however he shows us that he is a kind and mild soul as he feels pain when he thinks he has actually killed the young farm kid. He wakes up early everyday so that he can get more work done around the farm as he gives himself the task of making the farm a much better place for his fellow animals. He embraces the maxim “I will work harder”. This leads him to do terrific things such as constructing the windmill twice practically on his own.

Sadly, Boxer does have the intelligence that we so want would match his strength (this is clear when he is unable to learn the alphabet past the letter “D”). He is really extremely ignorant and innocent and this leads him to be quickly confused and made the most of by the pigs and Napoleon. After being made the most of numerous a time, Boxer ultimately embraces a 2nd maxim, other than this maxim ultimately results in his failure: “Napoleon is constantly right”. Boxer shows commitment like no other to the development of the farm and this is evident when he collapses as he states “It is my lung … It does not matter. I think you will be able to finish the windmill without me.” Even when fighter collapses and is close to death, he is still considering his work, his fellow pals and how he can help make the farm much better for when he is no longer capable to do more. Unfortunately for us, Fighter does not appear to grow better with age, and even when he is being eliminated by the knacker, he needs to be told what is taking place before he tries to do something about it. When he understands what’s occurring he gets to his feet and attempts to kick down the door of the cart but is not able.

This is an unfortunate image and an unfortunate end to Boxer as “there utilized to be a time when one swift kick of Fighter’s hooves would have kicked down the cart wall with ease”. How fitting is it that such a terrific animal like Fighter, would be put to death in such an afraid way and by the animal that he relied on and listened to the most, Napoleon. FIGHTER’S REPRESENTATION IN REALITY Boxer represents the working class, a person of no fantastic intelligence however extremely capable and reputable capabilities in work that required laboring.

He invests his time in the unique helping with the transformation, and then the pigs. Whatever he does, he does to the best of his ability, he does this because he knows that his own effort will lead to a better farm for all animals. However, because Napoleon and the pigs see the other animals as workers for their advantage rather of equals, Fighter’s work is never rewarded; when he becomes hurt and unable to work, Napoleon sells him to the knackers rather of letting him retire as promised.

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