Ascpects of Power in The Odyssey

Ascpects of Power in The Odyssey

Power was a huge part of Greek culture which can be plainly seen in “The Odyssey.” The concept of absolute power is utilized by is utilized by Odysseus to regain his social standing, Poseidon to assert his authority, and Helios to show that he will not be disrespected. Late within the epic, Odysseus utilizes power to restore his social standing. When arriving back in Ithaca, Odysseus finds that his home has actually been taken control of by suitors who intend to wed Penelope. Infuriated Odysseus eliminates all of the suitors to show he is the one true king of Ithaca.

The reason Odysseus had to kill the suitors is to reveal he is a no rubbish person, to reveal he is still strong. Odysseus also needed to go huge with his return since some Greeks may believe that he is weak and can’t manage Ithaca due to the fact that he permitted a group of suitors to harass and to an extent take over the kingdom, this would example while he also eliminated the house maids. Odysseus needs to show his is the outright ruler which he has outright power, since history has revealed that whenever a weak leader emerges the Greeks fast to act upon and attack.

Not just does Odysseus utilize power as a way to further his agenda but Poseidon does also. Poseidon utilizes his power to show that he is a force to be reckoned with. In The Odyssey Odysseus angers Poseidon by blinding one of his Cyclops kids. In the grand scheme of things the blinding of one of his numerous kids should not matter to Poseidon, specifically considering that a lot of his kids have died. Also, Poseidon is among the huge three and should have other things to do than squabble over something that need to be beneath him.

The only rational explanation is that Poseidon uses it as a reason to show his authority and power. This is program in when he tries to kill Odysseus, he never is successful and this is because if Odysseus was dead he would lose his excuse to show his power to the other gods. Poseidon is not the only god to want to show off his power, Helios also wishes to boast his power. Helios utilizes his power to reveal that he shall not be disrespected by mortals. In Homer’s impressive Odysseus and his team kill and eat the sacred cows of Helios, which is blasphemy.

Helios to programs that anyone who messes with him shall be destroyed he goes the king god, Zeus, and asks Zeus to smite Odysseus. The only reason Helios would want the full force of the god king to be laid upon a mortal is due to the fact that Helios wants to show that he can not be disrespected by mortals. This makes good sense because in ancient times honor suggested whatever and to be disrespected by something or someone is expected to be below you is among the worst offenses.

Power in “The Odyssey” is a crucial style and is shown through the actions of its characters. The primary examples being Odysseus, Poseidon, and Helios. Most of the actions of these characters is because they want to reassure themselves that they have power. Individuals with power makes the world go around and they wanted to make sure that they are one of those individuals. Though power is a central style it is not the only style and it is not the most important, however it does affect the story.

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