Animal Farm Tyrants

Animal Farm Tyrants

English II Level– 5 30 November 2012 The Wonderful Tyrant In Animal Farm by George Orwell he utilizes animals to represent human hierarchy, with the pigs being the greatest. Napoleon putting the pigs above everyone else with using worry tactics becomes a tyrant. With the placement of the pigs above all the other animals, Napoleon begins his rise to power. None of the animals understood where the milk was disappearing to. The secret was soon solved “It was blended everyday into the pigs’ mash” (35 ). Prior to Jones was required from the farm, the milk was mixed into the hens’ mash.

Because now the milk was mixed into the pigs’ mash, it showed how the pigs were becoming more and more of the upper class than the remainder of the animals on the farm. Squealer needed to discuss that the majority of the pigs disliked the milk and apples but ‘” [they] include compounds definitely necessary to the well-being of a pig. We pigs are brain workers”‘ (36 ). Just because the pigs remain in more power than others, does not imply the other animals ought to not likewise have milk and apples. The other animals think they should not state anything due to the truth that they believe that Squealer is constantly best.

Given that the pigs are the “brain workers” of the farm” [the pigs] ought to have a quiet location to work in” (66 ). The pigs wish to have an office in Jones’ home which is supposed to be a museum. If the pigs would like a quiet place to operate in, then they need to construct one and not be in the house. The pigs supervise of the farm because they forced Jones out. The pigs uprising began with the milk and apples but soon escalated. Napoleon starts to increase above not simply the lower animals, however also the pigs with the use of fear strategies.

When Napoleon stood up throughout a meeting “9 massive dogs came bounding into the barn. They rushed straight for Snowball” (53 ). Napoleon saw Snowball as a threat. Napoleon chose that it was time to rid the farm of Snowball, so there was no longer anybody standing in his way with power over the animals. Napoleon needed everyone to be scared of what the dogs would do to them if they did not listen to him. Napoleon would state that if the farm would fail “Jones would come back” (36 ). Jones would not necessarily come back if the farm failed. The animals were o anxious that if they did not do as told that Jones would come back, however the animals were not realizing life was better when Jones was around. When the hens needed to provide every egg that was laid to Napoleon for the massive order made, they would decline to give the eggs. Napoleon became so mad that he bought “the hens’ rations to be stopped” (76 ). With the provision for the hens stopped, nine hens died since of starvation. Napoleon did not care how bad he was dealing with the animals, as long as he was still in power at the end of the day. Napoleon wanted everybody to listen, and since the hens did not listen, they had to be punished.

When the others saw what happened, all the animals listened and did as informed. With using fear tactics Napoleon discovered his method to the extremely leading of the pyramid and stayed there. Making use of worry strategies, positioning a select few above everyone else, sets the stage for somebody to end up being a tyrant. With these strategies Napoleon become a tyrant with the animals not knowing, till it was far too late. Napoleon was very clever, he understood exactly how to end up being an autocrat. Works Cited Orwell, George. “Animal Farm”. New York City: Penguin Group Inc, 1996. Print.

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