Animal Farm: StudyGuide – Chapters 1-4

Animal Farm: StudyGuide– Chapters 1-4

why does old significant gather all the animals together?
he wants to tell them about his dream and teach them a song on disobedience
what qualities are displayed by fighter, clover, benjamin, mollie, and the feline as they gather to listen to old significant?
boxer: enormous beast, white stripe down this nose. he wasn’t very first rate intelligence but he was respected for his steadiness of character and incredible powers of work.
clover: a stout motherly maire approaching middle life who had never ever rather got her figure back after her fourth foal.
benjamin: donkey, oldest animal on the farm and the worst tempered.
mollie: absurd, pretty white mare who drew mr. jone’s trap.
the cat: discovers the warmest location and squeezed herself between boxer and clover
what does old significant say is the problem with the animals’ lives? what do they need to do to make life better?
old significant thinks that humans need to not be running things. he has a dream in which the animals become the rulers of the world. he believes the only manner in which this is to be achieved is by staging a rebellion
quickly explain napoleon, snowball, and squealer
napoleon: large, rather intense looking berkshire boar
snowball: more lively pig than napoleon, quicker in speech and more inventive, however wasn’t considered to have the very same depth of character
squealer: small, fat pig with very round cheeks, twinkling eyes, active movements, and a piercing voice
what is animalism
the belief that all guys are wicked and by uniting the animals can topple them
whats triggers the animals rebel when they do? what is the outcome?
the animals weren’t fed. the result was jones was expelled and the manor farm was theirs
what is the general message of the seven rules and what is their function
the basic message is all animals are equal and can’t serve as people
moses the raven mentions a strange place called sugarcandy mountain. what does this represent? why do the pigs discourage the animals from believing in sugarcandy moutain?
sugarcandy mountain represents paradise. the pigs dissuade them from thinking in this since they don’t want the animals to have hope for something out of their control. the pigs wish to manage what they believe in
the characters in animal farm are examples of personification, the assigning of human qualities to things that are not human. discover examples of personification in the first 2 chapters. why is personification important to the informing of the story?
it assists us relate more to the object or idea that is being personified because it is simpler for us to connect to something with human characteristics. likewise it is necessary in this story due to the fact that the pet is the talking storyteller
what was the role of the pigs in getting the hay gathered
they were managers
what was the basic mood of the animals throughout this time? why?
they were happy because whatever was theirs
why do all the animals appreciate fighter?
fighter is working harder and a lot more dedicated than before
what does the statement, “i will work more difficult!” tell you about fighter?
boxer is a devoted worker who tries to do the very best that he can
briefly tell about the habits of each:
the feline
old benjamin, the donkey
molly: not good at getting up in the early morning, and had a way of leaving work early.
the feline: some what strange, when there was work to be done, the feline couldn’t be discovered
old benjamin, the donkey: rather the same considering that rebellion and he would express no viewpoint.
what is the relationship between snowball and napoleon in chapter 3?
they disagree with whatever due to the fact that they wish to show who’s in control
in basic, how does the ability to learn impact the status of the animals?
it makes them smarter, so they might do more things
what does napoleon do with jessie’s and bluebell’s puppies?
napoleon takes their pups away
how does squealer discuss what has occurred to the milk and apples?
“scientifically proven that milk and apples are important to the well-being of a pig.” if pigs fail in this respect, farmer jones may come back.
what does squealer’s role in the government appear to be at this point?
squealer was the crucial spokesperson and may have represented propaganda. state run paper “pravda”. squealer is the protege of napoleon and molotov of stalin
how do the animals got the word out of disobedience?
snowball creates carrier pigeons to get the word out of “animal revolution to neighboring farms”
who are frederick and pilkington?
frederick- tough, shrewd operator of pinchfield, a surrounding farm.
pilkington- easygoing gentlemen farmer who runs foxwood, neighboring farm.
how do the farmers attempt to reject what the animals have done?
they falsified stories about the animals
briefly describe the battle in between the animals and jones and the other farmers when the farmers try to retake the farm
jones came in with a shotgun and the animals attacked the people and began a fight. the farmers were shocked. unfortunately, old significant dies
what does fighter do to the steady lad during the battle? how does he feel about it?
he knocks himself out but thinks he killed him. the animals searched for mollie and learnt about the steady lad. fighter escaped, he thought he killed steady lad and was sorry for taking a life.
what do the animals name the battle in which they battle against jones and other farmers?
fight of the cowshed
what award is given on snowball and fighter from this fight?
the brass medals, “animal hero, very first class.”
describe the military event that occurs on the anniversary of the fight of the cowshed?
the animals have an unscripted. celebration and sing the “monsters of england” and raise the farm flag. the sheep that were dead were given a funeral service and plant a hawthorn bush over their graves. snowball provides a speech to get ready for another attack.

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