Animal Farm – Short Essay

Animal Farm– Short Essay

Animal Farm In the film, I started to see examples of collectivism and individualism. For instance, in collectivism the group comes before the individual. The “specialists” do all the thinking for the people. Which in this case, the pigs, Napoleon and snowball were the experts. They made the guidelines that the farm animals had to abide: all animals were equal, no animal will be killed by another, no sleeping on beds or drinking alcohol ect. As the transformation went on, the animals assisted one another, like we as people do in the daily world.

Napoleon soon felt as if snowball was getting in the way of his dictatorship and had him killed. Napoleon now became the leader, and even spread the word to other farms so other pigs might begin the same transformation. The weaker animals were sacrificed the laws that were set soon altered, the farm animals became increasingly more like slaves, they ate less, worked dawn to sunset and no longer were equal. The law now was some animals were equivalent but some more than others.

While the farm animals did all the hard work, the pigs got to sit back, unwind and consume all the food on their own. With that stated, Collectivism is a lot like communism, the pigs had control of the farm animals, made the laws, even everything the farm animals made quickly belonged to the pigs. It’s like how the world is today, part of the hard made money and things we make go to the federal government. The government and the corporations are the pigs. On the individualistic side of things, in individualism the person comes before the group.

They just worry about their household and close friends. Towards the end of the film, the horse was sold off and later eliminated, because he disappeared use for the pigs. The donkey who is a buddy to the horse took that as a last straw and recognized what the pigs were actually doing. Compared to individualism they battled with what they believed in. That no individual must work for pigs like them. That’s how it is with human beings we fight with what me think in.

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