Animal Farm Research Paper 3

Animal Farm Research Paper 3

Animal Farm was an excellent piece of literature written by George Orwell. The unique revealed what happened previously, during, and after the Russian Transformation. Now, it is obvious to anybody who checked out George Orwell’s Animal Farm that the characters (animals) are precisely like people in behavior, issues, and political structure. In the beginning, we can see who the characters represent in this story. Napoleon, the black pig, represents Stalin, who was a totalitarian in Russia. Snowball, Napoleon’s bane; represents Trotsky, who was also a totalitarian in Russia up until Stalin took control of.

Old Major, was the prophet of the farm, however died before the Transformation, he represented 2 individuals: Karl Marx, because he was one of the originators of communism and the Russian Transformation; and V. I. Lenin, because he had two followers; Stalin and Trotsky, precisely like Old Major, whose followers were Napoleon and Snowball. Squealer, who is Napoleon’s little mouth piece and does Napoleon’s dirty work, represents Dr. Goebbels, who was under Hitler. The canines that secure Napoleon represent the Secret Authorities of both Hitler and Stalin.

In Orwell’s story, Moses, the raven, who gives the animals on the farm faith, represents the Orthodox Church. Benjamin, the earliest animal on the farm, who does not care what is going on, represents George Orwell himself in what he actually thinks about the entire Russian Transformation as a donkey. Boxer, the horse is the strongest of all however not the brightest animal on the farm represents the unthinking mass. Clover, the mare that also isn’t that intense, however is a hard employee is similar to Boxer.

Mollie, the white mare could be called a reactionary or a right- deviationist. The Feline represents a maverick, and the sheep represent the mindless mass. Muriel, Bluebell, Jessie, and Pincher do not truly represent anybody. Orwell offered his characters human like behaviors in the way they act and speak. The animals reflect human habits, due to the fact that practically all the animals, other than the pigs work and happen with their lives as employees and servants. The pigs; nevertheless, imitate people when they decide to live inside Mr. Jones house, with the pets as their bodyguards.

The pigs develop working hours and retirement ages for the animals that are working on the windmill and taking care of the farm. The pigs even start sleeping in the beds that the humans once occupied. They prepare and consume their foods much like the people, they begin consuming alcohol, use the human’s clothes, and even start to stroll upright like people. Plus, Napoleon was also able to arrange an attack and defense technique against his enemies. The characters (animals) were also like human beings in habits in the method they speak in the story.

For instance, Old Major begins to give the animals on the farm a speech which talked about his vision about a transformation that would happen quickly which they would require to be gotten ready for it. Napoleon informed them what to do when their opponent came and fought versus the farm, Snowball consulted the animals about his ideas for the farm, such as the windmill, but then Napoleon took over and directed the farm on what to do to take care of their land and on how to build the windmill along with Squealer, who helped Napoleon by telling them from what times the animals work and what the retirement age was.

Moses would preach to the animals about a heaven called, Sugar Candy Mountain, which made them think in one faith; which in such a way that was their religion. To top everything off, the pigs would have meetings in Mr. Jones’s home, where they would simply go over rubbish, drink and have a little party and before Napoleon took over, all the animals in the farm would satisfy in the big barn to have their conferences and they would consult about anything that they needed to professionally. Another reason that the characters (animals) are precisely like humans remains in the issues that they need to go through.

In the story, the animals are having the problem With the truth that they have a Napoleon, their dictator, that is abusing them and making them do tasks that they do not want to do. Their farm developed into what we would call communism. If they did something that protested Napoleon, or if it was something that Napoleon did not like, he would send his pet dogs (bodyguards) after them to make the issue “vanish”. All the animals needed to follow Squealer’s orders, even though he believes he is better than them. The last example of the animals acting exactly like people remains in the political structure of the farm.

At first, all the animals on the farm would simply listen to Old Major and his guidance, because he was the oldest and wisest animal on the farm, but after his death, there was a battle as to who would take control of the farm, specifically given that the animals ran Mr. Jones and his individuals away. What Snowball used was in a way like a democracy, but then Napoleon ran him off. So from then on, Animal Farm became a Communist farm, where Napoleon was dictator. The other animals on the farm could not decide, just him. The other pigs were what we would call; the high and rich class and much of them became his assistants.

Now the workers on the other hand, were what we would call; the low and bad class, due to the fact that they were Napoleon’s slaves, workers, and servants. They had to make the windmill and name it after him; they starved after working a lot of hours, slept in uneasy locations. They needed to go through all of that for many years, while the pigs delighted in high-ends, ate as much as they wished to, and slept in comfortable beds. So as we can see, the only thing was that it was obvious to anyone who checked out George Orwell’s Animal Farm that the characters (animals) are exactly like people in behavior, issues, and political structure.

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