Animal Farm Character Investigation

Animal Farm Character Examination

A fairy tale is an imaginary story that generally has imaginary characters; fairy tales explore the battle in between great and evil. The novel animal farm is not a fairy tale as such however is extremely similar in the way that it checks out the rivalries of numerous metaphorical characters some good and some evil. Most likely the most significant competition from the novel was the competition between Snowball and Napoleon, the 2 of them would never agree on anything and both desired the farm to be under their rule. George Orwell designed the competition between napoleon and snowball to represent the rivalry between Stalin and Trotsky.

Snowball was a brilliant leader all he wanted was in the very best interests of the farm. At the battle of the cowshed Snowball took charge and made sure the human beings were repelled, Snowball informed the other animals, he believed in equality among all animals and he was planning to develop a farm that would achieve success, he had actually gained from Jones’s mistakes in the past and understood exactly what was best for the animals. As smart as Snowball was he could not compare with Napoleon, Napoleon had actually a sidekick called Squealer his job was to slam whatever Snowball did and bring him down.

Napoleon was a power hungry totalitarian who had a track record for getting his own way. His approaches of ruling were stringent and typically vicious. After Old Major had actually died Napoleon took it upon himself to end up being leader of animal farm together with Snowball. Napoleon was much smarter than the other animals on the farm and used this to his advantage, he made them think lies and he utilized all their weaknesses and strengths to his advantage. He had Snowball driven out of the farm by informing the animals lies and utilizing the canines to chase him away, he made them believe that Snowball was an enemy.

Napoleons power and capability to manipulate dominated animal farm in all aspects including all their rights, when they did things, how they did things, what things they did and what things they stated. The arguments Snowball and Napoleon argued about were all to do with Napoleon wanting things done his way and Snowball defending what the other animals desired and more importantly what they required. Simply after the revolution things on the farm seemed to be working, Snowball’s education program was working well the farms produce was at a high, the animals were being well fed and they weren’t being over worked.

From then on is when things began to decrease hill. Napoleon had a taste of power and desired more, he began to influence the animals into thinking Snowball was wicked by telling them he worked for Jones which he had been undermining the farm and whatever the animals had actually ever worked for given that the revolution, the other animals believed this due to the fact that Napoleon used false proof which sounded to them like some of the things did happen. After Snowball had been forced to leave the farm Napoleon took total control of the farm he continued to control all elements of the farm however also started to get extremely corrupt.

He began dealing with the human beings, he taught the sheep to walk on their hind legs, and made them alter the chant of four legs excellent 2 legs bad to 4 legs excellent 2 legs much better, he changed the seven commandments to suit the pigs, he went back on his word that all animals are equivalent and customized it to all animals are equal however some animals are more equal than others he altered no animal shall sleep in a bed to no animal will oversleep a bed with sheets, he changed no animal shall drink alcohol to no animal shall drink alcohol to excess.

Some of the animals captured onto this however weren’t able to stand up since they knew what napoleon can after he had actually bought the murders of the 3 pigs the 2 sheep, the 2 hens and the goose. The relationship between Snowball and Napoleon reveals that not everybody can interact and that there is a right method and a wrong method to handle the situations that may be triggered from disagreements and fights.

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