Animal Farm: Chapter 8 – Study Guide Questions

Animal Farm: Chapter 8– Research Study Guide Questions

How did the sixth rule modification?
It initially stated, “No animal shall eliminate another animal,” and now it says, “No animal shall eliminate another animal without cause.”
Created titles for Napoleon
Leader and Associate Napoleon.
Pig’s titles for Napoleon
Dad of all Animals, Horror of mankind, protector of the sheep-fold, ducklings friend
What was diminishing Squealer’s cheeks when she mentioned Napoleon
Tears from his eyes.
What did the chickens confess to?
That they could lay 5 eggs in 6 days
What did the cows confess to
That they can produce more milk
What did Napoleon engrave on the barn wall
The 7 rules and an image of Napoleon with his meals.
Napoleon’s preventative measures for his security
Squealer and Boxer as food cups and his canines safeguarding his bed at night
Newest info about Snowball
That Snowball is said to be plotting with Frederick to take control of Animal Farm
What was made with the woodpile
He will sell it to Frederick
What deal was made with Frederick
He will exchange particular items in between Animal Farm and Foxwood Farm
How does Frederick cheat Napoleon
He offers him created banknotes
What happens in the battle of the windmill
Mr. Frederick attacks animal farm with 20 guys and dynamites the windmill and the enraged animals attack the males and drive them away; some animals are killed and Fighter sustains justice
What were the stories about Frederick’s treatment of his animals
Flogged an old horse to death; starved his cows; eliminated a canine by tossing it into a burning heating system; made dicks combat with razors connected to their spurs.
Why does Squealer inform that Snowball poisoned Napoleon’s food?
Due to the fact that he knows that Napoleon is intoxicated and will live, but it’s a way to more blame Snowball
What does Muriel discover the 5th commandment
It has been changed to check out, “No animal will drink to excess.”

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