Analysis of Letter from Birmingham Jail

Analysis of Letter from Birmingham Jail

Analysis of Letter from Birmingham Prison smgorter On April 12, 1963, eight white clergymen from Alabama wrote to the citizens of this state to urge them to stop the presentations and protests that were happening during the civil liberties movement. The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr who numerous consider the leader of the Civil liberty Movement composed his own letter in action. On April 16, 1963 he wrote the letter that is now known to all as the “Letter From Birmingham Prison. This letter was directed towards the clergyman and generally all Christian individuals, I believe it is safe to state that this letter would e thought about hostile to lots of in the Christian community throughout the time it was composed In his letter he indicates that he is purposely in Birmingham, AL because of the injustice that is occurring with the Negro individuals living there; “However more generally. am in Birmingham due to the fact that oppression is here.” (Martin Luther King Jr.

. IYb3) He is not only worried about what is happening presently in Birmingham but likewise What is taking place around the country; “Oppression anywhere is a threat to justice every. ‘. ‘here.” (King, 1963) Mr. King, Jr. is encouraged that if the Christian, white, middle class Americans in addition to their Christian leaders would get more involved in The Civil liberties Motion and stop raking the “wait and see” technique there would be no need for the protests that were presently going on: “I had actually also hoped that the white moderate would decline the myth concerning time in relation to the battle for liberty. (King, 1963) He enhances this statement by stating: “More and more feel that individuals of ill will have utilized time much more successfully than have individuals of good will.” (King, 1963) Many churches were also struggling with following the laws of the nation in regards to egregation and remaining real to the Christian teaching of the mentors of Jesus Christ; “… like your next-door neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.” (Mark 12:30 -31, New International Variation 1984). Mr. KingJr. advises his readers “… verything Adolf Hitler carried out in Germany uuas “legal” and everything the Hungarian flexibility fighters carried out in Hungary was “unlawful.” (King. 1963) Mm King F, does an amazing job of utilizing all possible techniques of appeals, He prices quote ST, Thomas Aquinas to interest values: “An unjust law is a human law that is not rooted in everlasting law and natural law. Any law that breaks down human personality is unfair.” (King, 1963) He follows up With a quote with an attract factor; “Any law that deteriorates human character is unjust.

All segregation statutes are unjustified due to the fact that partition distorts the soul and damages the character.” (King, 1963) When Dr, King Jr, responds to the accusation of being extremists he referrals lots of people in history who also may have been identified the exact same: “Was not Paul an extremist for the Christian gospel: “I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus.” (King, 1963) and “vVas not Martin Luther an extremist: “Here tand; can refrain from doing otherwise, so help me God.” (King, 1963) believe the most psychological and perhaps most convincing quote he makes is as follows: Will uue be extremists for hate or for love?

Will we be extremists for the conservation of oppression or for the extension of justice? In that dramatic scene on Calvarfs hill 3 men were crucified. We should never forget that all 3 were crucified for the exact same criminal offense of extremism. Two were extremists for immorality, and thus fell listed below their environment. The other, Jesus Christ, was an extremist for love, fact, and goodness, and consequently increased above his environment _ Perhaps he South, the country and the world are in dire requirement ot extremists (King. 963) The clergymen make the accusation that the demonstrations that are going on are “unforeseen”. Mr. King Jr. reacts to this by explaining they have in fact have actually delayed numerous presentations: Then it occurred to us that Birmingham’s mayoralb/ election was coming up in March and we speedily decided to delay action till after election day”, and ‘When we found that the Commissioner Of Police Security, Eugene “Bull” Conner, had actually accumulated enough votes to be in the run-off, we decided once again to delay action till the day after the run- ff … (King 1963) Mr. King also essentially scolds the clergymen for applauding the police in Birmingham for keeping the peace without violence, he discusses to them what is in fact going on; “I doubt that you would so rapidly commend the cops if you were to observe their ugly and inhumane treatment Of Negros. „ if you were to watch them push and curse Old Negro females and young Negro girls … see them slap and kick old Negro men and young boys … refuse to offer us food due to the fact that we wished to sing our grace together.” (King, 1963) Mr.

King’s letter s completely written, he lets you understand right away why he is composing the letter and what the problems are He giW2S a timeline ot events and the aspects that affected these occasions. His writing is smart and sincere, he is writing as a liberty fighter. a Negro guy, a person and a God fearing Christian. love how he ends his letter with humbleness and expect a nation to end up being united References Letter from Birmingham Jail. (n. d). The Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute at Stanford University. Retrieved 04 February 2013 from http:”mIkkppCI stanford. edu/index. php/resources/article,/

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