Alternative Ending To Catcher in the Rye Essay

Anyhow, I actually did go home after the carrousel. Initially, Phoebe and I

left of the park and took the bus to Grand Central, to get my god dam Gladstone’s out of the strong box there. Though it had actually stopped hammering down, I was still quite wet. Young boy, it truly came down like a madman. I still had ‘Phoebe’s’ red searching hat on, it was soaking wet though. I didn’t care however.

“I’m grateful we’re both going home now, Holden”, she stated.

“I’m just all set to get this over with”, I stated, “Mother and father will weep.”

“Don’t worry, Holden. It’ll be all right”, Phoebe said.

She squeezed my hand which she was holding and smiled. It just about eliminated me.

We had most of Phoebe’s Christmas dough, so we got my Gladstone’s, and took the bus to 72nd street. There were a bunch of kids at the back of the bus.

They were all horsing around, laughing and all. We sat beside them. We took up a lot of room, given that we had my two travel suitcases, plus my old luggage with Phoebe’s things in it.

I heard some kid state, “Phoebe, your bro found you!” I looked throughout the bus. It was that kid I fulfilled in the park the other day, the ladies who roller skates I ‘d tightened and all.

“Holden’s coming to see me in the play”, she said to the lady.

She yanked my arm, “This is my bro Holden, Holden, this is Susie. She’s in

the play too!”

“Yes”, Susie said, “It ought to be actually terrific”. She was so respectful. I

truly liked her. I generally like Phoebe’s friends when I first meet them. Phoebe and Susie assisted me get my mind off of how I was about to face my parents. I was stressed over my mama. I tried not to consider how hysterical she ‘d get. Phoebe stated mother and father were coming home at around 7. It was 4 now.

We left the bus at 72nd street, said goodbye to Susie and all, and after that

strolled home.

“How are Mr. and Mrs. Antolini?” she asked me.

“They’re doing respectable”, I said.

Of course I would never inform her what truly took place. I still could not think it. Had he constantly liked me in a flirty method?

We got house, and I took my travel suitcases into my space and I lay down on my bed. I was pretty exhausted. Suddenly i got to thinking of Pencey. I wondered what they were all saying about me back there. I began thinking perhaps I was wrong, leaving so all of a sudden after that god dam little tiff with Stradlater. He’s truly not a bad guy. In fact, I sort of missed him. I’ll provide old Jane a bell tomorrow, if it’s not too insane here.

So I unloaded a couple of things in my room, and smoked all of my cigarettes. I was so god dam nervous. Around 7 o’clock, mom and dad strolled in together. At the time, I was

right there in the corridor, so they saw me right now. I really didn’t care if they yelled at me. I felt numb and empty inside. I was truly starving, but too worried to eat. If you need to know the fact, I remained in quite bad shape.

Even though I altered and cleaned before mother and father got home, I felt that I should have looked a state. I hadn’t shaved in a couple of days.

Anyhow, they looked all dressed up and nice when they came through the door.

“Holden! What’s going on? What are you doing here? Its’ Tuesday”, my papa


I took a deep breath, and after that began coughing all over the location. Christ, what a time to have a coughing fit ey?

I finally cleared my throat.

“Well”, I stated, “I. I got tossed out again. I’m really sorry”

“Damn it, Holden! I can’t take it anymore!” Daddy yelled.

Mommy had actually currently started sobbing. I felt terrible. Seeing Mom cry really eliminated me.

“Holden, what the hell is incorrect with you !? I paid a ton of money to send you to these schools and all you do is get tossed out every god dam time! I understand you’re not stupid! You can pass these classes! I know it’s that you’re not applying yourself!”

Young boy was he mad. His face was all red, and all these veins were sticking out in his neck. I was kinda scared that he would hit me. We’re a pretty non-violent household. I was considering Allie the whole time Daddy was chewing out me. I do not understand how long the whole thing lasted.

“Damn it, Holden, you have actually really pressed my buttons this time! Take a look at how well DB and Phoebe are doing. Can’t you follow their lead?”

Mother was simply sobbing the whole time that the argument was going on.

I started drifting off once again, I thought of Mr. Antolini. I could be there now, having an intellectual conversation with him, smoking a cigarette. I kept thinking of him patting me on the head. Does he look at me as another kid figure? Or does he have sensations for me? Or was he simply actually intoxicated? It didn’t seem right at all. When I arrived, he must have observed how tired I was and just let me sleep.

So, Daddy was kept yelling at me and sent me to my space.

I strolled into my room, shut the door, and lay down on my bed once again

and lit a cigarette that I discovered in my hounds tooth jacket pocket. I seldom see Papa this mad.

I heard my mother weeping in their bed room, and my daddy attempting to comfort her.

I started thinking of the military school. I understood I ‘d dislike it there, a lot more than the other schools I ‘d been to. The next thing I understood, I was sort of crying.

Usually I’m not a big crier, however here I was, weeping my god dam eyes out. I heard a little knock at the door, and old Phoebe was available in.

“I heard you sobbing, don’t stress Holden, whatever will blow over”.

She rested on the side of my bed and hugged me. Trust Phoebe to do something bogus like that, however all the exact same, it was kinda cute.

Phoebe went to bed at around 9 o’clock and I was still awake by 11. I couldn’t sleep. I felt kinda weak, and I kept coughing like a madman.

That’s about it, that’s all I’m gon na inform you. I might go on and tell you about the military school and Phoebe and all. However I think I told excessive already.

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