Ahab S Leg And Moby Dick

Ahab S Leg And Moby Penis

Gauvin 1 Timothy Gauvin Ms. A English 11 22 February 2013 Ahab’s Leg and Moby Penis Melville utilizes symbolism in his novel Moby Cock to reveal his theme. Anti- Transcendentalism plays a large function in his composing as well. Captain Ahab’s leg is a symbol utilized to reveal natures mark on male in addition to anti-transcendentalist ideas. Melville also uses Moby Cock to represent guy vs nature. Captain Ahab’s leg and Moby Penis represent anti-transcendentalist ideas and are symbols throughout the story. Captain Ahab is the captain of the Pequod whaling ship in the story.

The particular function of the Captain’s whaling objective is to hound and kill a whale name Moby Penis. In his previous encounter with Moby Dick the Captain lost his leg to the whale. In place of his genuine leg the Captain has a prosthetic leg made of out whale bone. The Captain’s bone leg has many meanings. It represents battle to readjust to life, the desire for revenge, and anger. The Captain wants to invoke vengeance on Moby Penis because of his unrightful taking of his leg. This strong anger towards Moby Penis makes him consumed on getting vengeance.

He provides a benefit to all of the crew members aboard the boat for whoever eliminates Moby Cock; “Whosoever of ye raises me a while headed whale, with 3 holes pierced in his starboard fluke– look ye, whosoever of ye raises Gauvin 2 me that same white whale, he will have this gold ounce, my kids” (Melville 4). This reward offering reveals that the Captain will go to completions of the sea and back in order to have Moby Cock killed. This relates strongly to anti-transcendentalism in the sense of revenge. Revenge is a natural human desire and there is an unbridgeable gap between uman desire and human possibilities. The truth that almost every team member accepts this bribe reveals all human beings are inherently sinful. Moby Penis is the 2nd sign in Melville’s book. Moby Penis represents and is substantial to anti-transcendentalism in many ways. Due to Moby Dick being a whale he is a representative of nature. A strong symbol he represents is the struggle in between guy and nature which draws out the evil in humanity. This is shown when the Captain and his crew are attempting to hunt and kill him. Moby Penis being a component of nature is aturally uncontrollable. The lives of the males aboard the Pequod all experience deadly events while attempting to eliminate the whale other than Ishmael. Moby Penis’s importance in the story is mostly evil. He represents the damaging force of nature. Being a production of nature Moby Dick harbors his destructiveness and ends the Captains life. Moby Penis is also represented as a God-like creature owning the Captain since of the stealing of his leg. “Moby Dick seemed combinedly possessed by all the angels that fell from Heaven” (Melville 13).

This quote recommends that Moby Cock is being controlled by a higher force. Ahab’s leg and Moby Cock are symbols utilized throughout the story that also represent anti-transcendentalist concepts. Ahab’s leg and Moby Cock both represent the Gauvin 3 power of nature and it’s control over male. The Captain’s leg represents the vengeful mindset towards nature man has instilled in them after a distressing man vs nature occasion. Moby Penis represents a force untouchable by guy, nature. Melville uses importance and anti-transcendentalism to convey these ideas throughout the story.

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