1984 George Orwell Book Summary

1984 George Orwell Book Summary

Jacky Zou Book Summary and Analysis 1984 George Orwell In 1984 by George Orwell, Winston Smith, a low-ranking member of the Party in London located in the country of Oceania, deals with a life of injustice and control. The Party sees Winston and everybody else through “telescreens” and shows their apparently all-knowing leader, referred to as Huge Brother, on the telescreens. The Celebration is also requiring a language called Newspeak, which prevents political disobedience by getting rid of all words connected to the subject. At the start of the unique, Winston Smith feels annoyed due to the Celebration’s oppression and rigorous control over everything.

The Celebration restricts totally free thought, sex, and any expression of uniqueness. In spite of the restrictions and injustice, Winston decides to illegally buy a diary to write his ideas in. Winston has also ended up being interested on a powerful Party member called O’Brien, whom (according to Winston’s beliefs) is a secret member of the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is a strange group that works to overthrow the Celebration. Winston Smith works in the Ministry of Fact, where he changes historical records to fit the needs of the Celebration.

Later, Winston notifications a colleague, a stunning dark-haired lady, looking at him and frets that she is an informant who prepares to turn him in for his “thought-crime” (thinking about disobedience versus the party). According to the Celebration, Emmanuel Goldstein, the supposed leader of the Brotherhood, is the most harmful male alive, however Winston doubts the Celebration. A few days later, Winston gets a note from the mystical dark-haired girl, Julia, which reads “I like you”. Winston and Julia begin a secret affair and lease a space above the store where Winston bought the diary.

As the affair continues, Winston’s hatred towards the Party grows more extreme. Quickly, Winston receives a message from O’Brien stating that he wants to see Winston. O’Brien, a powerful member of the Inner Party who leads a luxurious life, validates to Winston that he also hates the Celebration. O’Brien informs Winston that he belongs to the Brotherhood and “indoctrinates” Winston and Julia in the Brotherhood. After given a copy of Emmanuel Goldstein’s book, Winston checks out the book to Julia in the room above the store. Nevertheless, soldiers unexpectedly barge in and seize the couple.

The store owner, Mr. Charrington, is exposed as a member of the Though Police. Winston Smith is separated from Julia and is taken to the Ministry of Love. Winston also finds out that O’Brien was a spy who pretended to be a member of the Brotherhood in order to trap Winston into dedicating an open act of rebellion versus the Party. O’Brien tries to brainwash Winston by torturing him for months. Lastly, O’Brien sends out Winston to Room 101, a feared destination for any individual who dares to oppose the Celebration, and informs Winston that he will quickly face his worse fear.

Through the novel, Winston has actually had duplicating nightmares about rats. O’Brien chooses to strap a cage loaded with rats onto Winston’s head and prepares to let the rats consume Winston’s face. Catching his worries, Winston pleads with O’Brien to do the torture to Julia and not him. O’Brien is pleased with the outcome, since giving up Julia was what O’Brien wanted the whole time. With his spirit broken, Winston is launched and when he meets Julia, no longer has any feeling for her. This act demonstrates that Winston Smith has actually accepted the Celebration and has learned to obey/love “Huge Bro”.

Themes of 1984 Oppression/Manipulation In 1984, the Celebration overwhelms individuals with mental stimuli developed to prevent independent thought. For example, the huge telescreens in the spaces of every person blast propaganda continuously. This is to make the failures of the Party seem triumphant successes. Likewise, the telescreens keep an eye on the behaviors of the people everywhere they go. Another function of the telescreens is to constantly remind the people that they are being watches by “Huge Sibling”.

Another act of oppression and adjustment done by the Celebration is the induction of children into the “Junior Spies”. This group brainwashes and motivates the kids to spy on their own parents and to report any disloyalty to the Celebration. By controling things such as liberty of idea and speech, the Celebration channels the disappointment of the people versus the Celebration’s political opponents. Physical Control Another theme of 1984 is “Physical Control”, which resembles the mental part of the Party’s control.

The Celebration controls the bodies of its subjects by forcing its members to take part in early morning workouts called Physical Jerks. After these early morning exercises, the members work long hours at government firms and are kept in a state of exhaustion. Anyone who defies the Party are punished and reeducated through torture. According to Winston Smith, physical pain is more powerful than anything which not even emotional commitment or ethical conviction can get rid of the pain. Manipulation of History and Details Another theme in 1984 is the “Manipulation of History and Details”.

The Party control every source of info (Ministry of Reality), for that reason the Celebration is has the capability to rewrite the content of all papers and histories for its own functions. Also, the Party does not enable individuals to keep records of their own pasts, such as photographs. As a result of the Celebration’s control, memories become undependable and people start to rely on the information the Party tells them. Basically, but managing today, the Celebration is able to control the past. By controlling the information from the past, the Celebration is essentially always right in its actions in the present.

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