1984 Comparison to Brave New World

1984 Contrast to Brave New World

Esteban Poveda December 12 Mrs Suhr Mindless Robots It is fascinating how individuals are those who make the greatest advances in humanity, yet it is human nature to want to be a part of something, to comply with those around them. Those who go against their standard instincts and think out loud are those who are first considered radicals or protestors but with time end up being heroes to future generations. Which is why being an individual is the best think one can be. In both Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and 1984 by George Orwell people are punished or casted away from society as they are a risk to the rtificially developed stability which lies within these societies. In these dystopias measures have actually been taken to insure private thinking is no longer possible. Firstly, dystopian literature checks out the issues that develop when governments use brainwashing in order to avoid any distinct thoughts within their residents. Second of all, dystopian literature checks out the repercussions that obtain when federal governments choose to change arts and media that provoke private opinion in order to avoid distinction within the population. Third, in dystopian societies class structure s utilized to prevent singularity within the population. Dystopian fiction checks out the elimination of uniqueness utilizing dystopian control approaches in society. Dystopian literature checks out the problems that occur when federal governments use brainwashing in order to avoid any unique ideas within their residents. The setting is London, better known as airstrip one in the year 1984. In a world where nuclear war has actually required nations divided into three mega states, Oceania, Eastasia and Eurasia, society has actually been created in an entirely various way. A totalitarian government guidelines over the repressive society they have created.

Society has actually been divided into 3 class structures, Inner Celebration, external Party and proletarians. The inner Party controls every information and aspect of their population constantly ensuring their society remains in order. They limit interaction, individual beliefs, freedom of idea and expression and most significantly, uniqueness. Utilizing technology and Party authorities, the federal government works out total control over their citizens. Nevertheless when somebody shows suspicious behaviour or signs of disobedience they are taken to the ministry of Love where they are persuaded and then launched back into society in their new state.

This held true with Winston Smith as he started to show indications of individuality and rebellion. Throughout the unique the character of Winston is progressed from a private not sure of his actions and motives to a positive protestor pledging his alliance to removing the Inner Party. Once in the ministry of love his brainwashing is looked after by a fellow colleagues Obrien. At the end of an abuse session Obrien includes:” Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together once again in brand-new shapes of your own picking. Do you start to see, then, what type of world we are producing? (Orwell 266) […] Already we are breaking down the habits of idea which have survived from before the Transformation” (277) In this session, O’Brien makes the objectives of his federal government extremely clear. They wish to eliminate the practices of thought which were not completely eliminated from prior to the transformation. Basically they wish to completely wipe human down the natural method people procedure thoughts and instill their new mindset. This technique is also called brainwashing, the human mind is wired a certain method depending on the provided environment, in order to rewire the human ind one must go through specific to steps in order to instill a brand-new mindset. This is precisely what the dystopian federal government in 1984 desires to do and is currently doing so. Naturally, all human beings believe differently, it is what makes each human an individual, their distinct thought processing. This is nevertheless troublesome since if everyone believes in a different way than order is difficult to keep. For this factor the federal government in 1984 dreams to eliminate individuality from human nature and instill a brand-new method of believing utilizing brainwashing. This is nequitable due to the fact that it breaks the will of the person; it is unjust to instill a brand-new way of believing just because it is easier to the government. It is unfair due to the fact that human beings are unique creatures, it is essentially what makes human beings the dominant race, however if individuality is gotten rid of by instilling a new way of thinking, people merely end up being devices wired by the biased opinions and beliefs of a minority population. For these reasons individuality Brave New world likewise happens in London; the year is A. F 632(After Ford). This society worships their one god, Henry Ford, the creator of the assembly line.

They encompass his legacy by utilizing a modernized variation of the assembly line to develop human life. The center of hatcheries produces countless synthetically created infants each year. Each child begins of as an embryo and depending upon the pre-chosen caste will be conditioned and nurtured accordingly. Once hatched the children are conditioned to fit completely into their caste, each night they are exposed to recordings of a human voice, speaking ideas of the government. This strategy is called hypnop? dia and is essentially recordings of brief messages and tips developed by he government which are duplicated countless times while the children are sleeping. The book starts with the Director of hatcheries offering a trip of the center to a group of new trainees. The director discusses the objectives of called hypnop? dia: “Not so much drops of water, though water, it is true, can use holes in the hardest granite; rather drops of liquid sealing-wax, drops that adhere, incrust, incorporate themselves with what they fall on, till finally the rock is all one scarlet blob. ‘Till at last the kid’s mind is these recommendations, and the sum of the tips is the kid’s mind. And not the child’s mind only.

The grownups mind too- all his life long” (Huxley 28-29). Hypnop? dia is an up-to-date, almost science fiction method of brainwashing. Unlike brainwashing there is no need to eliminate previous morals or beliefs; nevertheless it is still the exact same principle of inculcating ideas into a people mind. The intentions of hypnop? dia are stated very plainly in this example; these messages are repeated hundreds of times in order to completely instill the beliefs of the government, these messages consist of methodically created ideas of the Celebration so that the kid grows up to belief everything the federal government desires them to believe.

For instance among the recordings goes “Alpha children wear grey. They work much harder than we do, since they’re so frightfully smart. I’m truly happy I’m a beta because I do not work so tough” (27 ). These messages are produced to implant a sense of conformity into the brain of the kid, to be happy in the caste they remain in since their caste is the best. This provides a sense of false individuality, since real individuality is the originality, distinct qualities that one is born with; in this society uniqueness is separated into 5 castes and already pre-decided.

Therefore, it is essentially not individuality at all if it is already moiraied. For this factor specifically the government has decided to remove true individuality, it is unpredictable and uncontrollable, the government can not truly rule over a population with each different belief system. This however is unfair to the youth as they are removing the capability of the child to naturally establish viewpoints and beliefs. As soon as the federal government implants their beliefs on their citizens, they become unconscious machines that merely throw up the viewpoints of the ruling body.

The closest comparison between these 2 dystopian books is the intents and intentions of the ruling celebration. In both societies the intention of the federal government was to remove the natural human individuality in each individual, just due to the fact that it was easier to rule over their population when they were mindless robots. Both societies wanted to develop a world where there was no possibility of rebellion since everyone had the exact same viewpoints and beliefs, those of the federal government obviously. Likewise comparable in both books was the techniques, both governments utilized brainwashing strategies to eliminate the possibility of individuality.

However, in 1984 the ruling Celebration had the task of removing old procedure of believed a placing a brand-new one, they were faced with a harder task considering that there was already pre-existing beliefs. In Brave New World the government was not faced with very same task, they synthetically developed their babies and conditioned them considering that birth, rewiring was not required as the minds of kids are blank spaces waiting to be filled. In both books a character that is a flaw in the federal governments perfect strategy is shows to the reader, a character who is various from the population in one way or another, maybe it was heir method of stating that despite the repressive actions of federal governments, humanity will always prevail in the end. Thinking about the numerous resemblances, it can be said that these novels just share various stages in revolution towards a repressive society in 1984 the federal government is removing the few remains of heretical thought and individual belief left in society while in Brave New World, individuals no longer exist due to the fact that the population has actually been born mindless robots. In conclusion the judgment body understands that in order to have total control over the population, ndividuality needs to be gotten rid of. If all residents have the same belief as the federal government then it is almost difficult for rebellion to occur. Secondly, dystopian literature explores the consequences that derive when governments pick to modify arts and media that provoke private opinion in order to avoid distinction within the population. Among the numerous preventative measures token by the Party in 1984 to insure uniqueness was eliminated from human nature was the deterioration of how to express originality. We learn more about the federal governments strategies from Syme, a fellow colleague of

Winston in the ministry of fact. The government wishes to produce a brand-new language referred to as Newspeak which restricts the use of synonyms and antonyms, essentially breaking down English to its most basic kind. The A vocabulary includes the required words required from day to day; the B vocabulary of Newspeak contains all words with political or ideological significance. Finally, the C vocabulary consist words that relate particularly to science and to technical fields. The procedure of reconstruction of the English language was a long one, it was forecasted the language would be finished in the year 2050.

Orwell even more describes Newspeak in the Afterword: “A bargain of the literature of the past was, indeed, currently being changed in this way. Factors to consider of prestige made it desirable to maintain the memory of certain historical figures, while at the very same time bringing their accomplishments into line with the viewpoint of Ingsoc. Numerous authors, such as Shakespeare, Milton, Swift, Byron, Dickens, and some others were therefore in process of translation: when the task had been finished, their original writings, with all else that endured of the literature of the past, would be ruined” (Orwell 312)

Newspeak is one the last steps in the plan of the Party to guarantee complete control over their population. It becomes far more tough to reveal or be self-conscious of individuality if there are no words to explain such a feeling. The process of Newspeak also included altering all literature from the past and changing it to Newspeak. Old literature such as Shakespeare and Dickens reveals principles such as love, human accessory, trust, various characters, yet more particularly uniqueness. For these reasons the language in these stories had to be altered, ssentially without the proper language, the stories implying and message would be completely altered to a dull, useless story. By altering the story it is no longer what it as soon as was, and it no longer has the very same impact on the reader as it as soon as did. Because these stories consisted of themes of individuality they provoked a sense of originality to the reader, this is what had to be altered. Despite all the overbearing measures that the Party toke to guarantee everyone remained in order if any things which provoked uniqueness was among the population it presented a threat to the firmly held control over their citizens.

Once one gets rid of the instincts of human attachment, specific idea processing etc., The very nature of a human is changed. Advances in society can no longer be made since for advances to be made one needs to think differently than the previous creator and that is no longer possible if individuality is eliminated. In conclusion the issue with changing language is that we can no longer think in a different way, for that reason no advances in society can be made. In Brave New World there is a location called the savage resort, a resort with the last known naturally raised people worldwide.

When the primary character Bernard Marnx visits the resort he is forced to bring back John, a boy whose mom was from the dystopian society yet was raised naturally. The morals and understanding of human nature stems from a Shakespeare book he was provided at the resort. When John gets to London he is exposed to the new society. John is confused and fluttered with feelings as he can not understand why society is in the constrained state is it. After a break out in public John is given Mustapha Mond. The controller explains the governments motives and thinking, John wonders as to why the overnment does not enable their citizens to check out lovely plays such as Othello: “Since our world is not the same as Othello’s world. You can’t make? ivvers without steel-and you can’t make disasters without social instability. The world’s stable now. People enjoy; they get what they desire, and they never want what they can’t get. They’re well off; they’re safe; they’re never ill; they’re not scared of death; they’re blissfully ignorant of enthusiasm and aging; they’re afflicted without any moms or dads; they have actually got no better halves, or children, or fans to feel highly bout; they’re so conditioned that they almost can’t help acting as they should act” (Huxley 220) Othello is a story of love and empathy; books like these are kept inside the workplace of Mustapha Monds. They can not be revealed to the population because the existing society and the society that Othello lived in are entirely various. People raised in this society would not have the ability to comprehend the message due to the fact that they have actually been conditioned not to. People in this society have been brainwashed because birth into not feeling any human attachment, not understanding what love, hate or discomfort really are.

They all have the precise very same emotion towards whatever, to put it simply they have actually been deprived of their individuality. Humans should be provided the right to develop their opinions, at the end of the day if humans are stripped of their liberty to feel, to desire, to need, then essentially they are just bodies walking around with artificially produced emotions, as said as Mustapha Mond, “They can’t help acting as they out to act” (220 ). This is specifically the consequence that happens when the government strips human beings of their freedom to feel, they all feel the specific very same towards whatever and for that reason nobody has any ifferent viewpoints. This is what makes it so appropriate for the federal government for deny humans of their uniqueness, when they are removed of that, then controlling the human race ends up being like programs robots. Viewpoints are what much better our society; criticism towards our way of living is what propels to establish, to develop better ways of living. Without the development of our living requirements human beings will not have the ability to endure on earth if they can not create to more advance or perhaps adapt to new conditions. The objectives in these 2 books are comparable in the sense that both governments wish to remove ndividuality within the neighborhood. Completion goal is to strip human beings of their capability to think differently and respond distinctively so that everybody has the precise same brain as the government. Nevertheless in Brave New World they are entirely getting rid of literature that might possibly show humans of what humans utilize to be capable of in the past. They have actually been conditioned to not feel anything the government does not desire them to feel. In a different way than in 1984 where the government is restricting the variety of thought by restricting the language in which they can express unique or private thought.

The residents in Brave New World would not need this because they have actually already been conditioned otherwise. The government in 1984 just desires complete and utter control over the population, in effect they are stripping them of whatever that could possibly make them an individual or further, even a human. Completion lead to this is also similar. In Brave New World when human beings are deprived of literature basically it will not matter since they have already been conditioned to dislike it. Mustapha is simply taking an extra precaution so that there is no possibility of his population being exposed to different ideas. For that reason in the end y concealing literature there is not a huge effect on the currently harmed human. In 1984, decreasing the range of thought is likewise an extra safety measure the federal government is taking to guarantee no one can produce defiant thoughts. Children that have actually been born into this society will obediently fit into society and adults that have not currently been brainwashed, will be stripped of their uniqueness. In conclusion federal governments eliminate literature and media which provoke or mention unique idea have been removed from society. Dystopian fiction checks out the elimination of individuality using dystopian control approaches in society.

First of all, dystopian literature examines the problems that take place when governments use brainwashing in order to prevent any unique thoughts within their residents. Secondly, dystopian literature foresees the repercussions that emerge when the judgment body picks to alter arts and media that provoke distinct opinion in order to prevent distinction within the population. Third, in dystopian societies social structure is utilized to prevent non conformity within the population. Works Cited? Huxley, Aldous. Brave New World. New York: Harper Collins Publisher, 1932. Print.? Orwell, George. 1984. New York City: Signet classics Publishing, 1961. Print

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