Comparing the 1984 Chapters

1984 Chapter 1-8

when does the story begin
april 4, 1984
what kind of day is it
cold and intense
how have actually the clocks been changed
military time
who is the very first character presented
winston smith
where does he live
victory estates
explain the location (details: smells, conditions)
smells of old rags and cabbage
badly integrated in disrepair
what is the large poster
big brother
why does winston take the lift
doesn’t work
why is it difficult for winston to climb up the stairs
varicose ulcer on his leg
what is the caption beneath the large poster on the wall
huge brother is seeing you (INGSOC)
where does the “fruit” voice originated from
can the telescreen be completely turned off
how doe the telescreen differ from our television
receives and sends
describe winston
39 years old
blue overalls (celebration uniform)
fair hair
ruddy face
what is the word on the flapping poster
INGSOC (english socialism)
what cops trouble winston
thought police
what city and country does winston reside in
london, oceania
can winston recall the city of his youth
no, absolutely nothing
what can winston see from his window
ministry of truth
what are the 3 mottos of the party engraved on miniature
war is peace
liberty is slavery
lack of knowledge is strength
how many structures like these (and what are they?) can winston see from his window
ministries of fact, peace and love and plenty
which is the most frightening
love or miniluv
does winston have any food
old dark bread
what does he consume
triumph gin
what does he smoke
success cigs
where does he sit to compose and why
alcove, hidden from telescreen
what does winston understand he has done with his diary
left it open with words, “down with huge brother” noticeable
who is at the door
mrs parsons
are the success apartment or condos well constructed explain
integrated in 1930’s now falling apart
how is the parsons falt (house) differ from winston’s
larger and dingier in a different way/sports stuff/smells
why are the children dissatisfied
havent been out today
who is parsons? describe him
likewise operates at M of trust “a mass of imbecile interest”
how are parson’s kids comparable to all kids today
energy, playing solider, mimicing grownups without thought
for what are the children of 1984 being trained
war/spying/finding traitors/being devoted to party
what does winston think says, “we shall meet in the place where there is no darkness?”
an inner party member
what is the problem on the telescreen
after pointing out wonderful triumph, chocolate ration being cut from 30 to 20 grams
what is the only thing individuals can call their own
the few cubic centimeters inside your head
before winston leaves for work, what is the essence of what he composes in his journal
he is currently dead. he needs to survive as long as possible. he wishes to remain sane and various
what ordinary thing does he do before he returns to work
cleans his hands because an ink stain could give him away
what does he put on the corner of the cover of his diary before he leaves
a whitish grain of dust to see if the page is turned
what does winston believe occurred to his mother and dad
engulfed in the purges of the 50’s
why does winston believe his mom and had to die
so that he might stay alive
what changes has actually there remained in emotion given that winston mom died
appears like death is no longer tragic or affecting. part of the life (like elie)
of what does winston think when in his dream he sees the lady shake off all of her clothing in one graceful movement
the one act seems to obliterate a whole cultural system of idea
what does winton sleep without night clothing
his weak clothes allowance equates to 5 changes per year
what does winston do after his coughing fit
physical jerks Necessary exercise
what can winston keep in mind of his early life
history is fading
no historical record
names of nations are various
england britian london atomic bomb
what does winston remember about the start of the war
a bomb/ street combating in london
what country is oceania at war with at this time
at war with eurasia and allied with east asia opponent of moment is always an outright evil
why is the past to be wiped away
celebration slogan: who manages the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the previous
what is winstons choice about the previous
the past has actually not simply been altered however completely destroyed
when does winston first believe he heard the word “ingsoc”
not prior to 1960
how is winston reprimanded
telescreen yells “smith 6079 do much better”
how does the instructor motivate her audience to touch their toes
reminds them of pals fighting on malabar front. thinks of them
what is winstons tasks
rewrites history at the ministry of fact
what takes place when all corrections are made in the times
after corrections original copies damaged and remedied copies to replace them
is this process of correction utilized in other media (newspapers, mags ect)
used for all books, lit, music, images, cartoons-every type of lit. or documentation that might have pol. or ideological significance
what are a few of the jobs of the ministry of truth other than the records department
one branch is just gathered and damaged all files that have been superseded and due for damage. A ladies who located and erased names of people who were vaporized and therefore never ever thought about have existed at all studios for fabricating images
does winston enjoy his work
his greatest pleasure in life was his work
what occurs to people who displease the party
check out withers most typically they disappear/never spoken with once again
how does winston decide to fulfill his task in reagard to BB’s speech
he creates associate olgilvy to take the place of vaporized individual.
explain the canteen
low ceiling, deep underground, loud, smelled of sour stew and gin
who is syme
comrade, almost a buddy, works in research study dept a philologist and specialist on newspeak, dealing with 11th edition of dictionary
what does he desire from winston
razor blades
what does syme work on
working on newspeak dictionary
what is his remark about the language
it is a lovely thing the damage on words. cutting language down to the bone
of what does syme accuse winston
that he doesn’t appreciate newspeak he thinks in oldspeak
what does syme say the whole function of newspeak is
to narrow the series of idea. to make thoughtcrime difficult because there ultimately will be no words to reveal them
describe parsons
a tubby, middle-sized guy with frog face. ideal party male sweaty illiterate
what does parsons want from winston
cash for “voluntary subscriptions (25% of party salary) for flags for triumph estates
what is the parson’s mindset towards his sweet kids, esp his daughter
appears both happy afarid of his kids (spies) caution, daughter turns in a man after following him
what makes winston thin he has an ancestral memory
the innate feeling things were when different that he is being cheated
what is the “ideal” type as described by the party? advise you of anything?
high muscular youths and deep bosomed females, blonde and carefree
what are the majority of the people like (as described by winston)
airstripone: beetle-like ministry members: dumpy little males grown fat early in life
who is winston scared of and why
the dark haired girl was gazing at hime from across the hall-face crime
according to the party, what is the one function of marriage
just acknowledged function was to beget childern for service to party

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