War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength

1984 Chapter 1

Explain Triumph Mansions. Why is the name ironic?
Winston’s house is a stinky, run-down location with no electricity in the daytime and an unusable elevator. It is definitely no estate.
Describe Winston Smith.
Frail, blonde, 39, blue overalls, nervous, depressed.
What kinds of intrusion of personal privacy exist in Oceania?
The two-way telescreen, The Cops Patrol swooping down in helicopters to peer in people’s windows, the continuous worry of being targeted as an enemy by the Idea Authorities, the posters of Big Bro with pointers that ‘Huge Sibling is Seeing You’.
What are the three slogans of the celebration?
War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength
What are the 4 ministries and their functions?
The Ministry of Reality manages news, home entertainment, education and the arts. The ministry of Peace supervises of war. The Ministry of Plenty is worried about economic affairs, and the Ministry of Love imposes laws.
Why was it such a dreadful thing for Winston to write in a diary?
It suggested that he was revealing ideas not planted in his head by the celebration.
What hope does Winston have about O’brien?
That he is intelligent and politically unconventional; that he knows something about the Brotherhood.
Who is Emmanuel Goldstein?
The Enemy of individuals and the focus of the 2 Minutes Hate
What purpose does Emmanuel Goldstein serve the government?
It provides people a ‘traitor’ to join against, reinforcing their own witless dedication.
What ‘thoughtcrime’ did Winston commit?
He wrote ‘Down with Huge Sibling’ over and over in his journal.
What amusements do the Parsons children enjoy?
They play ‘believed cops’, they go to hangings, hikes and drills with their youth group, The Spies.
What had Winston dreamed 7 years back?
That O’Brien whispered to him,’ We shall meet in a plcae where there is no darkness.’
Why does Winston consider himself a dead guy?
Because he is guilty of thoughtcrime, and he understands he will be discovered eventually.
What is the purpose of Newspeak?
To offer a medium of expression suitable to the correct mental attitude of Ingsoc devotess, all unneccessary words are to be purged.
What happened to books composed prior to 1960?
A lot of were damaged, but some were reworded.

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