Why Winston’s Associates Remains in the Same Place?

1984 Book 3

Where is Winston? How is he treated there and why?
He is in the Ministry of Love. He is dealt with terribly since he had committed thoughtcrime.
Which of Winston’s associates remains in the same place and why?
Parsons- his kids turned him in for thoughtcrime while sleeping.
Explain what occurs in between the starving male and the chinless man?
The chinless guy uses the starving man a piece of bread. The chinless male gets beaten for trying to provide it to him.
What effect do the words “Space 101” have on the skull-faced guy?
He was extremely resistant. He stated that he would rather have his household eliminated in front of him than go to Room 101. When the guards tried to take him he clung to the bench.
Who truly is O’Brien? What do he and Charrington share?
He is a party member who was formerly captured for thoughtcrime. He had actually been ‘treated’. He and Mr. Charrington were both implicated of thoughtcrime.
What is O’Brien attempting to teach Winston?
He is attempting to make him think the celebration principles that break sound judgment.
What result does the (pain-free) shock treatment have on Winston?
He lost memory.
What questions does Winston ask O’Brien and what are the responses?
“How many fingers am I holding up?”
He declined to address the questions the way that Party members need to address them. He gradually began to accept the concepts.
According to O’Brien, what are the three stages in Winston’s reintegration, and which stage is he about to go into?
Knowing, understanding, and approval
He is about to enter the understanding stage.
Explain the motto, “Freedom is Slavery.”
Alone- complimentary- the individual is always beat. Every human is destined die. If you can get away from your identity, you can become the Party and be forever powerful and immortal.
How does one person assert their power over another?
Power is inflicting discomfort and embarrassment. Power remains in tearing down human minds and putting them back together for your own advantage.
How does Winston’s physical appearance affect him?
He is surprised and starts sobbing.
How does Winston feel about O’Brien? Why?
He still believes that O’Brien is very intelligent. He understands whatever that is stated to him. He understood that Winston did not betray Julia.
What last concern does Winston ask O’Brien?
“How soon will they shoot me?”
How does he reveal his obedience to the Inner Party?
His mind has actually become more active, therefore he is accepting the party’s ideology. He writes down the mottos.
How does Winston show that he is not entirely real to Big Bro?
He follows the party, but still dislikes it.
How does Winston feel about Huge Brother?
He dislikes him.
What occurs in Room 101 and how does this “treatment” Winston?
He is required to face his fear of rats, however before they are let loose, he screams that the punishment needs to be done to Julia. He betrays her. The cage closes and Winston is safe.
What is Winston’s task? (Search for “sinecure” if you don’t understand what it indicates)
an unimportant office position
How did his conference with Julia go?
They both confessed to betraying eachother. Their sensations had permanently changed.
How is it apparent that Winston actually is a different person?
He is convinced that memories of his mother do not matter.
What is taking place in the last two paragraphs of the book?
The telescreen reveals that Oceania has defeated Eurasia. Winston feels great joy and confesses that he enjoys Huge Bro.

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