Analysis of the 1984 Third Chapter

1984: Schedule 2, Chapter 3

How and where do Julia and Winston satisfy?
They satisfy in an old church belfry.
What is Julia’s job?
Julia works for the fiction department. She runs a large maker that composes books.
What is Julia’s background?
She had a grandfather who vanished when she was 8. She was the captain of the hockey team and gymnastic trophy for 2 years running. Troop leader of the spies. Secretary in the youth league prior to signing up with the junior anti-sex league. She had actually been selected to operate in pornosec.
What is her mindset towards the Inner Celebration?
Julia dislikes the Inner Party and spoke of it in unrefined words, but made no basic criticism of it. She only appreciated the party where it touched her in her own life.
Explain Winston’s marriage.
Winston was wed to a lady called Katherine. Katherine did not delight in having sex and saw it as revolting. Eventually they parted methods; although they are not separated since getting separated is not enabled.
Why does the Celebration believe that sexual impulse, in addition to the familial love, is dangerous?
Sex and love connect individuals, and since sexual impulses generally deal with sensations, the party does not truly have any control over them.
What do Winston and Julia Disagree about?
Winston is persuaded that they are “the dead”. He thinks this due to the fact that they have devoted a Thought Criminal offense and adultry (having sex when not married). Julia thinks that they will not be captured and will survive.
What does Julia imply by “talking in installments”?
The 2 are only able to satisfy each other in the streets and talk while strolling. If a ThoughPolice comes over, the two ignore each other. They start talking in the middle of the sentence the next time they fulfill.

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